A data center is a facility which contains many hosting servers. The servers can be used for a number of applications - web hosting, file and image storage, computing, and so forth. All bigger companies that provide online services have their web servers in one or several data centers as such a facility can supply the necessary environment and protection for the information kept on the machines. Including environmental settings for the temperature and humidity in order to guarantee the maximum performance and long life of the servers, backup generators, hardware monitoring and last, but not least, physical security and safety as to ensure that that your data cannot be accessed by an unauthorized third-party. A inadequately performing data center can easily undermine the services that a firm supplies.
Data centers in Cloud Website Hosting
Our cloud website hosting servers are housed in 5 of the biggest data centre facilities globally located in Chicago (USA), London (UK), Pori (FI), Sofia (BG) and Sydney (AU). We provide precisely the same standard of service everywhere since our innovative cloud platform is available in all 5 of them, but for your advantage, you'll be able to choose the one you prefer. The continuous functioning of your sites will be guaranteed by effective diesel backup generators and numerous backbone Internet providers which every one of the facilities employs in the respective country. The data centers have skilled support crews that keep track of all servers 24/7 and since your websites will be hosted on our state-of-the-art cluster platform, you can be sure that you will enjoy quick and reliable service all the time. All 5 facilities can be found on the order page, so you can select the one nearest to you or to your target region.
Data centers in VPS Web Hosting
If you select one of the KVM-powered virtual private server packages that we provide, you will be able to pick between all of our data centers for the location of your new account. We offer the service on several different continents so that you'll be able to pick the most appropriate one for you based on where you are or what region you want to target. All of the facilities are amongst the largest ones inside their respective country and provide exceptional collocation services, which is the key reason for us to pick them. Terabit fiber lines to big cities inside North America and Europe and even throughout the Atlantic along with an individual UPS for every physical server and powerful diesel generators guarantee that your Virtual Private Server shall be up and accessible all the time no matter what. The facilities also have experienced tech support teams which can handle any problem in no time, which enables us to focus on our Virtual Private Server hosting services instead of spending time and efforts to deal with our server network.