Every time any content is uploaded to a cloud website hosting account or downloaded using it, some web site traffic is produced and that is a feature that every single hosting package has. It is moreover one of the attributes you have to check, because how much site traffic allowance you'll need depends upon the things you need the account for. The site traffic is mainly generated by downloads which includes site visits. Basically, when someone goes to your web site, the webpages are downloaded from the server on his/her computer and they're subsequently displayed by their internet browser. It is also recommendable to know that uploads count as well, therefore every time you back up bigger files from your laptop or computer to the server, some site traffic will be generated too. Different providers often have different names for this particular feature, for instance traffic, bandwidth, data transfer, still all of them refer to the very same thing - the amount of incoming & outgoing information produced for a period of time.
Monthly Traffic in Cloud Website Hosting
The monthly web site traffic allowance for all of our cloud website hosting packages is sufficient for any kind of web site. Whether you have a blog, a discussion forum or E-commerce portal, what amount of info will be transferred to and from your account or reaching some small allowance cap will not be a reason for your sites to be inaccessible. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive site traffic info, therefore you'll be allowed to monitor the amount of data is being downloaded at all times. The hourly, daily and monthly stats will inform you on how the web sites perform, what kind of files generate the most web site traffic and much more useful information to help you manage your websites and your account as a whole. The stats can be accessed with just a few clicks in your Hepsia hosting Control Panel.
Monthly Traffic in VPS Web Hosting
The monthly website traffic quota that you receive with our Linux VPS web hosting is sufficient for any kind of site and it is proportional to all the rest of the system resources that come with each package. Using a more powerful server, you'll be able to operate numerous websites or a few popular web sites, thus the traffic allocation for the higher plans is also increased. If you choose a low-end VPS package, you're able to enhance it at any time with several clicks through your billing Control Panel and the extra resources will be allocated to your present account, which includes the increased site visitors quota. All of the VPS accounts are provided with a server management panel where you will be able to view the used and remaining traffic for the current month as well as all of the other resources. Furthermore, we send notifications once you get to 90% of your limit, so you have enough time to react and update if needed.