Ubuntu is a really popular Operating System, that employs the Linux kernel. While it's used primarily on personal computers, its server version has been rising in popularity nowadays as well. Ubuntu is among the lightest Linux distributions you can get and it is compatible with almost any hardware, that makes it a universal Operating System. In addition, it is very stable and secure and has an at least a five-year support life cycle, so you're able to get official safety and performance updates. Unlike lots of other OS's, Ubuntu is distributed without license fees and you'll be able to modify its core, as well as any of the countless packages it comes with, in any way you find fit. This enables you to install the proper software environment for your web apps whatever their requirements. As a result of the popularity of the Operating System, Ubuntu has vast developer and user communities, so that you'll always find find plenty of materials on the web regarding any question or problem which you might have.
Ubuntu in VPS Web Hosting
We supply Ubuntu with all of our Linux VPS web hosting and depending on what requirements your web apps have, you're able to select the 32-bit or the 64-bit release of the Operating System with just a couple of clicks during the registration process. If you get your server without a hosting Control Panel, the only software which will be installed on top of Ubuntu is the Apache web server software, which means that you will be able to use a console to gain access to the website hosting server and to create a software environment of your choice. When you acquire your server with the Hepsia website hosting Control Panel, you will have a web interface with which you are able to manage almost everything as easily as you control an ordinary shared account and all essential MySQL, FTP and email server software will be pre-installed, yet the root access to the server is limited. When you don't have a lot of experience, or if you do not plan to waste time on VPS control procedures, you're able to take advantage of our Managed Services upgrade, which includes regular Ubuntu Operating System updates.